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About Deichmann

It all began in 1913 with a shoemaker's shop in Borbeck district of Essen. Six years later its owner, Heinrich Deichmann, began retailing factory-made shoes. When the founder died, his wife initially took the helm, followed by their son Heinz-Horst Deichmann in partnership with his wife, Ruth. The first store outside of Essen was opened in 1949 and others soon followed. The design of the store was modern, and this growing company sought to move with the times. But Deichmann remained true to the business model of a family - run company.

In the post - war years the company's network of outlets continued expanding in Germany. By 1963, the year of the company's fiftieth anniversary, there were 16 stores; twenty - five years later the name Deichmann could be found on over 400 shoe stores across the country. Today, shortly after the 90th anniversary, there are almost 1,100 locations in Germany.

Globally, the Deichmann group now operates in twenty-three European countries, with over 3,600 stores and 36,000 employees, selling over 172 million pairs of shoes annually. After Germany, the US has become the group's second most important market.

For more information, visit www.deichmann.com.